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– eveɴ ιғ ιт αιɴ’т αll ιт ѕeeмѕ ι ɢoт α pocĸeтғυl oғ dreαмѕ –

11 Oct

Oooh oooh, New York
Oooh oooh, New York

On the avenue, there ain’t never a curfew
Ladies work so hard
Such a melting pot on the corner selling rock
Preachers pray to God
Hail a gypsy cab
Takes me down from Harlem to the Brooklyn Bridge
Someone sleeps tonight with a hunger
For more than from an empty fridge

I’m going to make it by any means
I got a pocketful of dreams
Baby, I’m from

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothing you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you

Hear it for New York, New York, New York


Skin : Mima (Glow skin) @LAQ
Hair : (old gift) @fri.day

Shoes : Round CapToe Pumps (April group gift) @-mL-

Clothes :  Top : Tweed Corset Plum @{sms} – Pant : Miami Linens – BOOM (MESH) @Collabor88 (sept.12)

>>Decor comes from @TA MainStore


– L’αвѕeɴce –

21 Sep

I wake up some mornings
thank God not as often as I used to
slow and heavy from dreams with you
you’ve found a way back in
once again my long lost friend
funny to see that after all these ‘months »*I miss you the same….

So I drag myself to the corner café
and for a second I see you there
like in the good old days

and I wonder what you’re doing ?
what are you up to these days ?
I sometimes wish you would call me
buth then I wouldn’t know what to say

and I see you, in every cab that goes by, in the strangers at every cross road, in every bar
I see you, in every cab that goes by, in the strangers at every cross road, in every bar

it takes a glass or two
for it to settle down
for your shadows to stop following me

I find myself walking back
to all the places we knew
dreaming and wishing
to somehow run into you

And of course I wonder
does it happen to you ?
Does my ghost ever come looking for you ?

Cause all that’s left now
Are my dreams and memories
But I’m glad you came through my life
And put your stain on me

and I see you….


Shoes : Miamai – Lily Satin– ɴew releαѕe ! @L’AcceSSoireS
Hair : fri. – Tatum@fri.day
Clothes :  Coat – black  ~ Dress – emeraude @{sms} – Nylon @Oh lala