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– Tнє ℓιqυσя ση уσυя ℓιρѕ мαкєѕ уσυ ∂αηgєяσυѕ –

21 Nov

He had a cigarette with his number on it
He gave it over to me, “do you want it?”
I knew it was wrong but I palmed it
I saved it, I waited, I called it
The liquor on your lips, the liquor on your lips
The liquor on your lips makes you dangerous
I knew it was wrong, I’m beyond it
I tried to be strong but I lost it.

You taste like the fourth of July
Malt liquor on your breath, my, my…


La Penderie de Nicole – My argyle sweater
Nylon @Oh lala
Bracelet – MIEL


– ON ADO –

Hair – DURA (group gift)
Pant – IRUCO
Shirt – ::SOON::
Shoes – DECOR


– SCENE (Decor) –

RP: HISgranny chair from HIS POSE – Table, books,.. from POST

Location : @HOME 


– L’αвѕeɴce –

21 Sep

I wake up some mornings
thank God not as often as I used to
slow and heavy from dreams with you
you’ve found a way back in
once again my long lost friend
funny to see that after all these ‘months »*I miss you the same….

So I drag myself to the corner café
and for a second I see you there
like in the good old days

and I wonder what you’re doing ?
what are you up to these days ?
I sometimes wish you would call me
buth then I wouldn’t know what to say

and I see you, in every cab that goes by, in the strangers at every cross road, in every bar
I see you, in every cab that goes by, in the strangers at every cross road, in every bar

it takes a glass or two
for it to settle down
for your shadows to stop following me

I find myself walking back
to all the places we knew
dreaming and wishing
to somehow run into you

And of course I wonder
does it happen to you ?
Does my ghost ever come looking for you ?

Cause all that’s left now
Are my dreams and memories
But I’m glad you came through my life
And put your stain on me

and I see you….


Shoes : Miamai – Lily Satin– ɴew releαѕe ! @L’AcceSSoireS
Hair : fri. – Tatum@fri.day
Clothes :  Coat – black  ~ Dress – emeraude @{sms} – Nylon @Oh lala